This is what happens when two best friends force each other to follow their dreams. Co-hosts Carl and Ken sit down each week to try and figure out how to do a podcast where they explore what the heck is going on in life. Sometimes they figure it out before hand, sometimes they don’t, usually they laugh, sometimes Carlee cries. There’s always a hot update or two. Reoccurring segments include “That’s gonna be a ‘no’ from me”, “texts from Carlee’s mom” and “Little Jerry won’t stop barking”. Doing a Good is about making it count.


  • Carlee is an actor, writer & bartender in Seattle WA. Her dog’s names are Walter, Sadie Girl & Reba (RIP). 
  • Kendra is a musician, designer & bartender. Her dog’s name is Little Jerry & her cat’s name is Peggy.
  • They both live in Seattle!